10 May 2010

This stinks

My apartment has been smelling super rank for a few days -- like kinda very gross -- and I've been trying to air it out, light candles, take out the garbage, anything.  I was getting super bummed thinking I had rented a "lemon" and was about to email my landlord about the gross moldy mildewy smell infesting my life, when I realized it was just some stinky cheese I had bought. Merde!

Here is a pic of another cheesy thing I ate one day.  Mmmm....
This is scalloped potatoes and roasted zucchini on fresh bread with a super thick and wonderful layer of melted goat cheese on top. 
Yes, it's true.


  1. OHHHHH my, that looks awesomely amazing!

  2. whoa! tops the urth lasagna any day.