19 April 2010

"Fashion Plate"

Ooh la la. I was interviewed for a website called My Fashion Plate to discuss my big old glamorous job and spring trends and Lindsay Lohan.  So hard to watch without cringing and sweating profusely but here it is!

Full article here.

And while I'm self-promoting, here is a link to me on Japanese TV on a popular magazine-show called "Sweet" on Mosti TV. In case you didn't know, I'm big in Japan.

10 April 2010

A Macaron is a Pastry, Not a Cookie

Nike Sportswear Air Royalty Macarons

Delectable sneakers inspired by French delicacies, the Nike Macaron is available in colors/flavors of Almond, Fruits, Curaçao, and Lemon, only at Colette in Paris (bien sûr).

I am totally in love with this presentation... like a pretty little gift of style and flavor.

04 April 2010


*awesome photos taken by my awesome friend, Sabin