27 May 2010

Family Ties... Day one

Hi friends!

Sorry for the delay in transmissions but it's been a busy couple of weeks with lots of Paris, lots of family and lots of food/wine/walking with not as much sleeping as I'm used to since beginning my three-month vacation.  But I'm back (for you, Grams)!

So it's a really good thing that I do walk so much everyday, because with the amount of food and wine I've been having, I would look as crazy bloated as Luke Wilson in the AT&T commercials if I wasn't.

But I digress. This week my dad and Grandma Doris have been in town and it's been so much fun!  At 88 years old, it's her first time to Paris and we are running (or rolling) her all around town and have pretty much ate and drank our way through Paris with some sights squeezed in.  She is a trooper and we are all having a blast.  Here are some highlights:

Arrival in Paris!

Notre Dame! Incredible! (and mega tourist trap)

Tea room at famed pastry shop, La Durée
Champagne, the beverage of choice for two ladies

Specifically, these two ladies.

Good times!

Bull in a tea shop

And then we walked...

And walked...

And looked...
Academie Musique

Place Vendome

Rue de L'Opera

And, FINALLY, we were able to stop and eat more and drink more!  We found a little French bistro in the Saint Honoré area.  The waiter practiced singing "Ave Maria" in an operatic voice to practice for his son's baptism in the morning.  Pretty fun!  And the food and wine and mostly the company was fantastic.

We hated everything.  So gross... I kid!
This used to be sea bass, cheesy potatoes gratin, pot-roasted potatoes and veggies, and lamb.

Ok... seriously... this was all ONE DAY.  
Grandma was tired (and I am not talking about Grandma Doris).  
More to come!

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