02 May 2010

The BIG Day

I'm off to Paris today for my three-month "greatest idea of all time" and am brimming with butterflies.  I will be eating croissant and sipping café crème tomorrow morning at une petite terrasse near my little apartment.  Woo hoo!

I had so many wonderful send-offs and well-wishes from the best people in the world -- my amazing friends, my incredible family, and my awesome work peeps. I'm a LUCKY girl. Sorry to get emo for a sec but I'm just  in that kind of mood -- a really REALLY happy and thankful mood for all of great people I love and all of the adventures I'm about to have. Not ever gonna take it for granted... not once.

My mom would be really proud... and she will be with me every step of the way.

Au revoir!

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