07 May 2010

Settling in...

I brought 124 lbs of summer-perfect stuff with me, to discover bitterly icy cold as I stepped off my flight. My first week, I've been piling on layer after layer of less-than-warm stuff to create kinda-warm outfits and setting out on adventures around the city. Ain't gonna let a little cold breeze (and numb fingers) get me down!

On to my adventures!

Day 1:
Landed in Paris, jumped in a cab and explained in French where I was going.  He did not understand me (ha!) but appreciated the effort and small-talked with me in French the rest of the drive and we had a decent conversation... and I made it to my apartment!  My apartment is awesome and cozy and tiny and I love it! 
After unpacking, I roamed around the neighborhood and beyond, got a little lost and found myself a cute little tiki bar filled with vintage Elvis paraphernalia, crocheted paintings, Caribbean touches and tropical drinks. Perfect!
Then I hit up my favorite thrift store (where the owner greeted me like an old friend) and I scored a cute sweater dress for 5 euros.  Sweet!  I finished off the day with a falafel from L'As Du Falafel, a little place in my 'hood known as the "best falafel in Paris."  C'est vrai!

Day 2: 
Crossed the Seine and explored the "Left Bank" through the Latin Quarter and the chic St. Germain area. Traipsed through the Marché aux Fleurs (flower market), ate some goat cheese and drank vin blanc before heading to the famed department store Le Bon Marché, and walking over to the gardens of the Hôpital des Invalides (military museum). Capped off the day at one of my favorite cafés in my neighborhood, Café Charlot, and read my book while sipping more vin blanc (surprise!). 

All in all, I think I walked about 20 miles that day. My dogs were barking! But an awesome day.

More to come from the rest of the week...


  1. Your apartment is so cute! I am loving following your best idea ever!