17 May 2010

Saturday night with friends!

Yes, it's true... I have a couple of friends here!  While I do love spending time solo roaming the streets of this great city, I also love when I get to hang out with actual people and have conversations... especially over champagne and delicious food.  My friend, Isis, is a fantastic gal who is Parisian but spent much of her childhood and college in the US.  When she invited me to join her for a night of friends and fun, I threw on my party pants and headed over.  We enjoyed drinks and snacks at her Australian/San Franciscan friend Craig's sickeningly awesome loft in the Pigalle.  Her boyfriend, Edouard (a photographer who snapped most of these pics - the best ones) and friend, Florian, partook in the evening with us. Fun!





After this, we headed out to a couple of bars, most of which my memories are a bit clouded.. but I think I had a great time!  :)

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  1. "party pants" is bringing up old memories for me..thanks for the nostalgia! XO