17 May 2010

Quelle Touriste! The Montmartre

I was in full-on tourist mode on Friday as I ventured to the famed Sacré-Cœur at the top of Montmartre, amidst the hundreds of other camera-toting tourists.  I climbed all 250 steps to the top to snap some pics from the highest point in Paris.  It was almost as much fun people-watching as it was to take in the gorgeous views. 

AND... I had a spotting of Le Petit Train!

 After some uplifting views of the Basilique I descended into the curvy hills and streets of the Montmartre and even further down into the depths of the Pigalle (red light district) where the Moulin Rouge is and the Cimetière de Montmartre.  Two windmills from the 16th century still exist (one sits atop a cute little restaurant) and there are cafés and little boutiques to explore. Great day!

After climbing about 500 steps, I was exhausted!  Stopped into a little bar for some wine and to get out of the rain, then grabbed a roasted vegetable quiche from a tiny little bakery, and headed home to wine and dine myself in my little apartment.  Très bon!

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  1. not gonna lie, i've got these same sights on my McPlannels itinerary already!