07 May 2010

My Street

Some pics of my neighborhood... it's just on the outskirts of Le Marais, really close to a few metro stations.  Not a super "chic" street but walking distance to all kinds of great places.  Also, there are randomly a couple of famous French restaurants on my block. Excited to try them out!
my street

my building

tiny market across the street

corner Italian cafe and deli

two awesome restaurants are in this old crusty building on my corner


  1. Isn't this le gay neighborhood? I was there for like a second, then left.

  2. le marais is definitely the gay neighborhood and it's so awesome! also, so $$. i'm a bit on the outskirts but lots of my favorite places in paris are all there. i have good tips if you come back! xoxo

  3. that market across the street is picture-perfect. Like living in a 1960s movie.

  4. also the workplace of my new French-language practice partner, Khalil. this neighborhood has it all!