25 March 2010

Wee Cactus

One more arty acquisition I just indulged in from Ashley G which will be so sickeningly, awesomely perfect in my Hacienda!

Perfectly prickly!

My first love

I've made a lifelong career of thrifting... going on almost 17 years of sifting through treasures and trash to fill my gigantic closet with beloved finds from bygone eras.  From my perfectly tiny fur coats to my sparkly sequin disco dresses to Mexican folk art and my incredible turquoise loveseat, I am a thrift fiend.

In honor of my passion for musty fashions, I just bought this! It will be perfect in my parlour!

Get your own in Ashley G's Etsy shop, if you're so inclined.

*Thanks, Alissa!*

19 March 2010

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Flight is booked!
My French-ventures begin on May 2nd... or actually May 3rd when I land at Charles de Gaulle!

Hot travel tip... nonstop round-trip flights were over $2k but I found a one-way for $600 including all taxes and sneaky fees on Travelocity.  More money for wine and cheese!

17 March 2010

C'est Jacques

I've been immersing myself in all things French lately and listening to lots of '60s French pop.  One of my favorites is Jacques Dutronc, who was quite the debonaire gentleman in his day (see below).  His music is fun and quirky, barely makes sense (with my admittedly poor grasp of the language), and he is kind of a babe. And when I say "kind of," I really mean "whoa."  I think I am in amour.

So, for your audiovisual plaisir, may I present to you Dutronc's collaboration with stylish chanteuse, Francoise Hardy, the peppy "Mini Mini Mini."  Makes me wanna dance in a mini skirt!

Mon Petit Chateau

Just booked my apartment in Paris!  A charming little loft in my favorite little neighborhood, Le Marais, which is a lot like NY's West Village but with much more of that je ne sais quois... tiny fruit markets and cheese shops, lots of cafes and bakeries, fun boutiques, gay men galore, and my favorite vintage store in the world... Freeps!  I will be soaking up this lovely little corner of the world for three incredible months in May, June, and July.

Here is a sneak peek into my Parisian abode:

Ooh la la!

12 March 2010


Welcome to my new spot -- an outpost for things I like, things to look at, and a place for documenting stuff, adventures and ideas.

Also I really love this sock/shoe combo! Genius!