10 May 2010


So... since we last met, I have had many an adventure, including but not limited to, fancy dinners with strange (and regrettable) meats, moped rides through Paris, concerts in the park, art shows, late night/early morning dance club excursions, walks from one end of Paris to the other, new friends, old friends, solo meals/drinks, museums, and attempts at French conversations.  All in all, a good week!  Oh yeah, and the Eiffel Tower, too.

Some pics!

LE CONCERT: The National and Pavement at Le Zenith in Parc Villette

I roamed around the gigantic park while I waited to buy tickets for the show -- the park is filled with sculptures and artwork, a lot like Millennium Park in Chicago.  As the concert got closer, I sat outside and listened to the soundcheck while waiting for the box office to open to see if I could get a ticket.  As I waited, a scalper approached me (actually a few did) and I ended up negotiating a ticket for less than face value, it wasn't a fraud, and I got in to the show with one of the best seats in the house! So awesome!

Also, they sell champagne and baguettes with cheese and ham inside concerts here.  Amazing!

My kind of park!

Classy heifer

Experiments with self-timers.  
This is what you do when you hang out alone all the time.

The National (so dreamy)

Pavement (return to 1996!)

Le Zenith is pretty cool.

Ok, off to a lunch date with a new friend at my favorite little bakery cafe, Rose Bakery. More soon!

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