08 June 2010

La Vie Parisienne

Hi!  Sorry for the lack of recent updates.  I've been super busy staying out until 7am and waking up at 3pm. Ha!  But seriously, I could really get used to this semi-permanent-long-term vacation lifestyle.  My new goal is to find a way to win the lottery so I can continue this champagne-baguette-cheese-fueled dream. I think I have a really promising future as a lady of leisure.  Now is my time to really cultivate those skills in preparation.

So... I will try to post some new pics later before I head to BARCELONA tomorrow for a week!  Woo hoo!  Meeting my friend, Michelle, there and staying at her apartment for a couple of days before the famous Grams rolls into town like the red-haired wild hurricane that she is.  You better believe there will be some amazing pics of that coming.  I am scared to unleash her on the Spanish men!

In the meantime, a couple of slices of French life for you, mes chéris!

Bread, Wine, Cheese: Dreams Do Come True

Oh, Just Another Ugly Old Building With No Charm

Regular-Sized Man, Extra-Large Dog

Hobnobbers at La Perle

Le Marais at Sunset

Street Scene

Views from a Friend's Balcony in the Montmartre: 
Would You Ever Get Sick of Seeing This Outside Your Window?
The Eiffel Tower and all of Paris, A Rad Clock Shop, Hillside Cafes. 
Not Bad at All.

À bientôt! 
That means "see you soon!" See, we all learn something new here.  You're welcome.  

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