25 June 2010

Just Another Day in Paris-dise

Yesterday, Men's Fashion Week in Paris kicked off along with the biggest day of workers' protests of the year. It's also a heat wave.  That makes for lots of sweaty, angry, beautiful people all over Paris!  No complaints here.

After getting in at 6am after Jessica's awesomely fun birthday spectacular (and then sleeping off a hangover until the early hour of 2pm), I hit the streets to get all fashion-y for a minute.  Just about every street in my neighborhood was blocked off with parades and protests and processionals so I literally had to walk through the middle of the parade to get where I was going. Don't worry though, I pumped my fist in solidarity with the strikers. And snapped some pics!

Made it through the ruckus and headed to the Gaspard Yurkievich show with my friend Cassidy who just arrived into town.  Show was great!  Collection looks good! So do the models!

Et apres! Versailles!  Jessica and I hopped a train to Versaille (after she suffered through trying to figure it out when most trains were closed due to the strike) but we made it! And we had the best crepes in the Paris region and then enjoyed the best fireworks show, set to a live orchestra! Incredible!

And the finale!
Basically, mind blown. SICK!

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