17 March 2010

C'est Jacques

I've been immersing myself in all things French lately and listening to lots of '60s French pop.  One of my favorites is Jacques Dutronc, who was quite the debonaire gentleman in his day (see below).  His music is fun and quirky, barely makes sense (with my admittedly poor grasp of the language), and he is kind of a babe. And when I say "kind of," I really mean "whoa."  I think I am in amour.

So, for your audiovisual plaisir, may I present to you Dutronc's collaboration with stylish chanteuse, Francoise Hardy, the peppy "Mini Mini Mini."  Makes me wanna dance in a mini skirt!


  1. both francoise and jacques were on the french pop mix i played at your sendoff! i am obsessed with 60s french pop myself. yum.

  2. i am waiting for my yousendit file, s'il te plait!!!